Survival Season 3 - September 14th @ 3PM EST!ServerNews

Survival Season 3 - September 14th @ 3PM EST!ServerNews

Hey everyone! After extensively testing for the issues we encountered with SMP during the short early access period, we are happy to announce that we have fixed all issues and will be holding the grand release for SMP on Saturday, September 14th, at 3PM EST!

🔼 New Additions to SMP Since Early Access

In addition to fixing dozens of bugs (ranging in severity), we’ve made some new additions to SMP to help cater to all playstyles.

While our server is heavily oriented towards casual play, we are adding a major feature which will help give some incentive to play with rewards: competitions!

❇️ Levels

By popular demand, we are adding Player Levels to SMP. As you play the game, you will accumulate playtime, tokens, and also Vote Crate Keys for voting for our server with /vote. Leveling up will show off your status in chat, and will also improve your competition league (more on that below). You also get some nice one-time rewards for leveling up, so make sure to do so! These levels get very difficult to attain for the higher levels because Survival does not have very many *revisions (map resets), *so that is why the costs are high.

📝 Scoreboard

By popular demand, we’ve added a scoreboard so you can see useful information about survival and your balances wherever you are! Although we always had this information on our top/bottom HUD, people have requested a scoreboard, so we have gone ahead and made a really nice one!

👔 Job Improvements

Also by popular demand, we have massively overhauled the jobs available for survival!

There have been many other minor improvements and optimizations which together help make the gameplay experience drastically better. We hope you will come to try out our survival experience on its grand release next Saturday, January 15th at 3PM EST!