Greetings Mcyay Gaming!

It's time for us to reveal the next big update for Survival. Get ready for 1.18!

On Saturday 19th March, Survival will reset, bringing a massive list of improvements to the server. We expect to release this update at 8 PM GMT (to prepare, we'll shut down the old servers earlier in the day). Click here to see what time it is in your time zone. The countdown is on!


Reset Details

Unfortunately, when the reset happens, you will lose most of your progress: in-game money, skill levels, inventory, ender chest, vaults, homes, builds, player warps, etc.

Don't worry; you will keep: ranks, titles, claim blocks, and any other permanent access packages you've bought from the store.


When planning this reset, we decided that our goal was to bring back the Survival element to our Survival server.

Updated to 1.18

This reset brings Survival up to the latest version of Minecraft so you can experience the new Caves and Cliffs Part II update on Mcyay Gaming!

We've freshly generated 30,000 x 30,000 block maps using the latest 1.18 world generation. These new worlds include new mountain biomes and cave exploration down to layer -64!

New Spawn

The Mcyay Gaming architects created a beautiful new spawn island for this update!

This new spawn will be your hub for Survival, featuring market stalls, merchants, the quest master, enchantment facilities, and it's an excellent meeting location for trade with other players!

Resources World

We're introducing a new world that you can travel to; the Resources world!

The Resources world will be similar to the main world but should only be used to harvest its resources. We will sometimes reset this world when it needs refreshing.

It's the perfect place to mine and gather blocks without destroying the natural beauty of the main world!

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Fixed fishing
  • Added a new Guide Booklet for new players
  • Increased the number of claim blocks you can purchase on the store, with packages now up to 100,000
  • Updated the look of money notes and experience bottles
  • New recycler system you can use with command /recycler
  • Added a new menu that comes up when typing /help
  • Added a new global boosters system.
  • Made some changes to the Starter kit
  • Changed the vote rewards to fit the new economy
  • Updated server shop items and prices
  • Added new player vault system

We're excited for this new beginning of Mcyay Gaming Survival and can't wait to welcome you back on Saturday for the resets of Survival!