Survival 1.19 Reset

Survival 1.19 Reset

Hello survival enthusiasts!

After countless hours of updating and working with the team we are proud to release our brand new Survival Season!

What you will keep with this reset:

  • Donator Ranks (bought or won)
  • Any permanent perks
  • If you purchased something within the two weeks please reach out via a support ticket on Discord and we will give it to you next season!

What will be reset and lost:

  • Structures, buildings and bases in the survival world
  • Items in your inventory, ender chest or any form or storage
  • Progress for achievments/quests
  • Balances for money, mobcoins or any other currency

Information About The Worlds

Everyone voted in a poll earlier this month about the new reset's world sizes and the conclusion was that people wanted a map smaller than last season. Below are the map sizes for the new season

  • Overworld - 10,000 blocks in every direction
  • Resource World - 5,000 blocks in every direction
  • Nether - 7,500 blocks in every direction
  • End - 5,000 blocks in every direction

All of these sizes can increase over time very easily and we will monitor this based on the resources available.

The Wild Update

As everyone knows, on June 7th, Minecraft released another major update to the game, this added more biomes, mobs, blocks, and mechanics for everyone to play around with! All of these brand new things are fully integrated into Survival's world so that you can experience them!

With the new features added in this update, you can fight the warden, feed a frog some baby slimes, and venture into the ancient city to find exclusive loot!

With us upgrading to version 1.19, we also gain compared with previously, all of the brand new world height, caves, and cliffs content that was missing from the current Survival experience.


The debut of the custom resource pack cosmetics for Skyblock was a huge success so, of course, we're bringing it here too! Enjoy completely custom Hats, and backpacks.

On our Discord server, you can find further changes and bug fixes in the #changelog channel.