Welcome to the official Mcyay Gaming guide for dungeons. This guide explains everything about the dungeons, how it works, and more!


The dungeons have arrived! In this separate world (yes, it's that big) players have the chance to fight their way up to gain powerful items that can be claimed in a special progress menu. This progress menu is designed in a way that players can't rush the process and have to unlock each item before another one gets released.

Once you enter the dungeons you can encounter many different monsters, all monsters have different qualities and powers.

The further you go in the dungeons, the richer you will be rewarded, but at the same time, it will also become more difficult. What is wise?


In these dungeons, players are rewarded by defeating monsters. Each monster has the chance to drop a shard with different ranks. These ranks are; common, rare, and legendary.

Shard Exchange

In the exchange menu, you can exchange your earned shards for higher-tier shards. This way you can unlock those special items even faster.

Now you know everything about the Dungeons on Mcyay Gaming, have fun playing!